"I’m inspired by cinema that captures and challenges the social, cultural and political zeitgeist  - the defining mood of a particular moment in time. Film, for me, is about capturing the essence of the human condition. Since humans have lived, we’ve always told stories. The methods we use may have evolved, but the principle has always remained the same - to communicate and share ideas, both big and small. I approach filmmaking primarily as a storyteller and I use story as a vessel to deliver a broader message about real-world issues. Film is an ever-evolving medium and through my work and ideas, I explore what cinema was, critique what cinema is and dream of what cinema can become."

The director and founder of Zeitgeist Pictures, Fin Davis, is a freelance filmmaker and photographer living in Cornwall. Fin works commercially with professional companies and organisations carrying out client lead briefs, creating promotional, engaging and informative content. Fin also balances his time by working independently on smaller community and personal creative endeavours, such as short films, podcasts, and photography projects to not only develop his vocation but also to explore and hone his creative style. Fin primarily works independently, however he often collaborates with other local artists when the project calls for it. Having just graduated with a first class degree in Digital Media from Falmouth University, Fin is now really excited to embark on his career as freelance creative.