Road Kill | 2019 | Short Film

A fictional film, with limited dialogue, that follows a story that the audience will hopefully find compelling none the less. The presentation appears linear, but takes an unexpected turn as the audience and the protagonist begin to see the light and the reality of the situation.

Run | 2018 | Short Film

Two Bank Robbers in the old west; It's Beautiful, brutal, taut, tense and clever. It's about trust, mistrust, suspicion and consequence

This Is Not A Dream | 2017 | Short Film

A surrealist exploration of the blurred lines of dream and reality.

Recollection | 2020 | Short Film

This short film was made as part of IntoBodmin's 48 Hour Film Challenge in January 2020.



The Trench | 2018 | Commercial Short Film

The Trench was an immersive theatre project that ran from the 18th of June to the 15th of July 2018 in and around the Cornish Town of Bodmin, which documented the real-life stories of the D.C.L.I to commemorate the centenary of the ending of the first world war. In this film, we capture the essence of the production along with the atmosphere of trench life. 

Bodmin Promotional Video | 2018 | Advert

A promotional video, created for Bodmin Town Council,  to highlight the activities and attractions in and around the historic town of Bodmin. Made for the B.T.C website.

NHS Fletcher Ward | 2019 | Video Tour

A virtual tour and information video made for the NHS' mental health ward. Made for their website.

C.Y.O | 2020 | Showcase

This video combines a recording from the interact  band project performance at Heartlands, in Cornwall on March 7th 2020 with recordings made by the Cornwall Youth Orchestra.